How To Tag Friends In Your Facebook Status Update

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How To Tag Friends In Your Facebook Status Update

As you always saw it at your friends profile. They tag you or their other friends in their facebook status update. But how they do it? Oh, it is easy to do it. What you should do is put “@” symbol and type you friend name then it will show up like picture below.

Tag Facebook Status

Before Tag Facebook Status

When it show up like that, just click on your which friend you like to tag. After you click your friend, it will come up like picture below.

After Tag Facebook Status

After Tag Facebook Status

And now just click share button. That’s all.

Why We Should Tag Our Friends In Facebook Status Update?

This because when we tag them, we will let them know that status is point to them. I am pretty sure, many of our friend miss our status if we are not tag them. So this feature is create for us to let them know. So don’t waste it. Use it as maximum as you can.

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