20 Things To Do On World Computer Security Day

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20 Things To Do On World Computer Security Day

20 Things To Do On World Computer Security Day

20 Things To Do On World Computer Security Day

1. Change your password
2. Check for computer viruses
3. Update your anti-virus/anti-malware
4. Update your Windows (or other OS)
5. Clean your computer and the immediate area
6. Back-up your data (after being certain that it is virus free)
7. Delete unneeded files and apps (and facebook ‘friends’ that you don’t remember seeing in the last 5 years!)
8. Update all your installed and relevant software such ad adobe reader
9. Declare and amnesty day for computer security violators who wish to reform.
10. Announce COMPUTER SECURITY DAY in your internal newsletter.
11. Install and inspect power surge protection as appropriate.
12. Develop a recovery plan for all computer systems that require one.
13. Verify that passwords are not ‘Posted’ and all other keys are secured.
14. Verify that backup power and air conditioning fir your needs.
15. Hold a discussion of ethics with computer users.
16. Volunteer to speak about computer security at a local computer club.
17. Register and pay for all commercial software that is used on your computer.
18. Consider the privacy aspect of the data on your computer and protect it.
19. Help to propagate computer security awareness!
20. Promote computer security best practice.

Download And Install Flash Player For Free

Monday, May 9, 2011 Posted by

Why I can watch youtube video on my computer or laptop? This question we got from our visitor. So this post, we show you how to download and install flash player to you able to watch youtube or facebook video.

Before you install flash player, Download free flash player first.

After your download is complete, you just double click on it and just tick “I have read and agree to the terms of the flash player lisence agreement .” and click “Install” button.

Then it will ask you to close the browser (not all).

After you close the browser, the installer will automaticly run until finish.

Then DONE.

Step by step Install falsh player video

How to add an iframe tabs to facebook fan pages

Monday, February 14, 2011 Posted by

March 11th, facebook will disable FBML Static application to use on your facebook fan page. In this case, they are replace iframe for adding your fan page tabs. In this post we will show you how to add an iframe tabs to facebook fan pages.

Before you start, you need a domain and hosting. If you don’t have a domain and hosting, we recommend you get it at http://techofsoft.com/hostgator/ because it has 99.9% uptime guarantee.

If you already have it, let’s move on..

  1. You need to login and go to http://facebook.com/developers/ then click “Set Up New App” button.
    Set Up New App
  2. Write your App Name and tic Agree and click “Create App”
    App Name
  3. Enter the security check.
    Security Check
  4. Click on Facebook Integration
    Facebook Integration
  5. Enter the Canvas Page and Canvas URL.
    Canvas Name and URL
  6. Scroll to bottom, enter Tab Name and Tab URL and change Page Tab Type from FBML to IFrame. Then click Save Changes.
    Tab Name and URL
  7. Click on Application Profile Page
    Application Profile Page
  8. Click Add To My Page
    Add to my page
  9. Choose which page you like to add and click Add To Page and close.
    How to create a facebook fan page
  10. 10.  Now open your FTP program. And upload your design index.php file to your hosting (get filezilla here http://filezilla-project.org/download.php )
  11. 11.  After finish upload you can go to your page and you will see your new tab.
    Fan Page

Watch video below if you not clear.

We hope this post will help you to add an iframe tabs to facebook fan page.

12 Easy Ways To Customize Your Facebook Fan Page

Thursday, January 27, 2011 Posted by

Today I will show how to customize your facebook fan page with FBML (Facebook Markup Language). It is easy way to help you to have a great fan page. Before we start, I think all of you already have a fan page. If not, you can refer at how to create a facebook fan page.

Ok, we will start now.

  1. You have go to you facebook fan page. Type “static fbml” in the search box. Then it will show you Static FBML application page. Just click on it.
  2. It will take you to the page. Below its photo, you will saw “Add to my page” link. Click it.
  3. When you click it, it will popup a new window that show all of your page. Just choose the page you like to customize with click the Add To Page button.
  4. After you click Add to Page button, it will disappear from that window. That’s mean it is added to your page. And just click close button on that window.
  5. Now go to your fan page and click edit page.
  6. And click on Apps.
  7. Find FBML 1 application and click edit settings.
  8. Click okay button on Edit Static FBML Settings popup.
  9. Click Go to App.
  10. Now just add Box Title and FBML box.
  11. For FBML box, you can create a picture with width size 520 pixels and height is depend to you.
  12. Or you can go to http://www.facebookpagetemplates.com/ to get the FBML code.
  13. Or you can get great facebook fan page templates.

Here I also create a video about customize facebook fan page. You can follow the link below to watch it.

How to Customize Facebook Fan Page

So now you have your own customized facebook fan page. The important thing is, try explore the code and edit it if you like an unique template. Have fun..